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Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum killing it like always I guess best is subjective, but nobody else stood out. Have you ever looked at kitonbrioni's blog? The stuff fits terribly. I guess it's expensive/quality stuff, but is not flattering.
Depends on your situation...are you young, and living with your parents? If so, most of your meals are probably provided for you. In that case, just get bigger portions. Make sure you eat breakfast, even something simple - 2 fried eggs + toast + milk. The 6-8 meals per day thing is good, but not possible for everybody. The most important thing is taking in more calories than you are burning. Also, you don't have to think of them as full meals. For example, have 3 major...
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector To my graduation I wore shorts and birkenstocks under my gown. I also lined my gown with white tiger printed fabric. It was a good, African imperial look. I'm not the one graduating...
Thank you for that wonderful insight. It is a waterfront school btw, so I'm expecting a sort of beachy feel to the whole thing. But aside from a graduation, what's wrong with flip flops? Any suggestions or just insults?
My older brother is graduating from college this weekend. There's a convocation Friday night, and the graduation ceremony is Saturday morning. The convocation is inside, but the weather looks like it's going to be rainy and about 70 F when the ceremony starts. The graduation is scheduled to be outside but it looks like there is a chance of storms...but it should be warm ~75 F, and hopefully the weather will hold out. I have no idea what to wear. I've tried looking online,...
It's a game about Africa getting zombified...nothing inherently racist, it's just a different setting.
Or, instead of working out to get more HGH/ 'test boosters'. Just kidding. Don't take them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arch Stanton Your going about it all wrong! They say the more often that you shave, the more fuller and quicker your facial hair willn grow. So I would start shaving once a day! False Nothing you can do but wait. Even then, no guarantee of fuller facial hair.
I'm looking for size small J Crew long sleeve button downs and size medium repp pique (not vintage) tailored fit J Crew polos. Also looking for regular fit chinos (lightweight, broken in, essential, whatever...just regular fit) in 30X32
I just finished watching "The Constant Gardener." It is one of the best movies I've seen recently (granted...I don't watch a lot of movies), but it really had me thinking. What movies have you watched, recently or in the distant past, that have made you think anything more than "that was a decent movie"?
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