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Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Not to be pessimistic, but with the economy in the tank, are you sure the engineering firm will have a job for you? If this is your one shoe purchase between now and then, you might reconsider a black laceup. It's a defense contractor, so I'm pretty confident there will still be work for me. If not, I should be able to find work elsewhere. I do really like that pair of Florsheim wingtips, but a cursory...
Maintenance - parts are probably on the expensive side, but you're getting Honda quality, so there shouldn't be any issues besides regular maintenance.
For black loafers with khakis, what color sock should I wear? I'm thinking a tan color that's darker than the pants, with something black on them - maybe argyle.
They look pretty similar; I do like the Boss shoes a little more. Any experience with quality differences between Boss and CK?
Right now, I'm a junior in college. I need dress shoes for the following 1) Semiformal cocktail/date parties at my fraternity (shirt and tie, maybe a blazer or vest if no tie) 2) Job interviews - this one isn't as important. I had an internship last summer, and will likely work there again next summer and when I graduate. It's an engineering company so there's not a lot of style in the office. For work I usually just wore boat shoes khakis/slacks and a button...
What's everybody thinking about wearing for halloween? I'm trying to come up with some ideas that will still look good (something not baggy or that completely covers my face), but I'm coming up short.
I'll take the first one. Paypal addy?
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