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So, I'm teaching a few classes this summer on sake, jazz age/speakeasy cocktails, the "art" of the cocktail, and how to assemble a home bar. They are each two hours long. I'm going to post a lot of my organised notes and thougts here as I complete them. Hopefully, you guys will offer some critique. It might also be useful to browsers. My closest friend/colleague/drinking buddy is moving back home to KC. We are going to sit down one "last" time and create a menu together...
This one? A friend gave it to me last night. About a 2 hour read, If that.
You chumps ain't on this level. How to Make an Old-Fashioned: http://youtu.be/4tWZDLQeq2I I'm on a mobile can't embed. This really is worth the watch. Could someone embed it?
Agree Though I haven't noticed this.
Citrus and mint go bad.....
Why don't you just do that on your own?
Yes, you are cheap and uncreative.
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