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I have never seen this ever. I really have no idea what you are talking about.Seriously, dude? You are smarter than this. A certain degree of added water is good for this. Changing the ratio changes the taste.If it is BS why would you bring it up? Ice crystals are not a desirable texture in a drink.I'm really surprised you think any of these things. Maybe what you call ice crystals are something else.
Ice crystals are an abomination. Why would I want globes of flavorless water in my drink?Again, I ask WTF are you doing when you stir a cocktail to get ice crystals?The hard shake is all BS.
How hard are you stirring your drinks to where you make ice crystals? It should be really difficult to get ice crystals stirring.I'm not exactly sure what you mean by the texture/clear.You don't want ice crystals in any of your drinks. Ice crystals are not an integral part of making a cocktail. I would say that stirred is more about texture than a shaken drink. You shake because the ingredients are more difficult to combine and needs a more vigorous method.
What don't you understand about straining?
Almost as humorous as that joke.
If you build a bar without hooks or USB ports you are wrong.
I'm growing my hair and beard out. I look like I own a fishing boat.
Yuh betta check yuh self be four yuh reck yuh self, 'cause shotgun bullets are bad for your health.
And yes I realize the minimum aging requirement for scotch is 3 years.
New Posts  All Forums: