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Cocktails are beneath me. I can blind taste about any cocktail and get all ingredients.
Thank you for showing us mediocre food, but leaving out the "spectacular" view. Maybe you can leave this post in any of the other threads on stye forum that would be more receptive to your fantastic lifestyle shots.
Indians, Asians, Germans, blacks, then Latins worst tippers in that order. Most pains in the asses: Indian women, Latin men, Latin women, Indian guys, Asians, blacks, then Germans. It's really funny to me how people abroad gripe about Americans beingbterrible guests in their country. Holy fuck have I wanted to choke out so many foreigners. They show a complete lack of understanding of American customs. I think Americans are probably more crass, but I have seen some...
Boston Harbor Distillery is open to the public now.
lol I forgot how you feel about this. It makes me irrationally angry when people don't do this.
John malkovich cut me off in harvard square
Wink and Nod is interesting. I'm pretty good friends with a lot of the guys there, I helped out a lot with the opening crew and mgmt team. They do a new pop up restaurant every 6 months in there. The food is always most excellent. Some very talented chefs have gone through there. The cocktail program is overly ambitious. They have a lot of young kids with out the chops to really execute what they want to do. Good kids and a lot of hunger, but they haven't been equipped...
and a stuffie
I was just in the PRI last weekend. If you can get a place by RISD that overlooks the capital DO IT. The night life scene sucks dick in PRI.Oh yeah, I'm now legally the Chief Marketing Officer of a company.
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