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Yeah, that's how it was served to me. It was dynamite. I think it would be either a complete success or failure in a Vieuxe Carre
So last night I had a bomb ass Spanish vermouth. Vermouth Perucchi. This is has really cool applications, doesnt look to be expensive either.
I brown out a lot. I also have a really bad memory, so I'm not quite sure if that is a big part of it. I can get blackout with no major physical signs of being that drunk. I've ran into people I've met while black out and not had any clue I've met them before. For a week it happened 2-3 times. I thought my friends were playing a big elaborate joke on me. No, I was just that drunk.
I'd like to weigh in on the drinking issue.
Why don't you name it after the drink it is.
Its been a rough month. One of my friend's intentionally drank himself to death. He was fired in january from a bar we all worked/went to. We all had frequently reached out to him, but never responded back. His landlord found him dead with over 200 empty bottles of wine in his house His family was in India and he hadn't talked to them in 6 years over something really small. We raised enough money to have his body taken care of etc. It was a huge pain trying to claim the...
What do you have against ice?Return the Hendricks.
This is the basics of advanced cocktology techniques. I've got that stuff down. I can't say if that is useful to you guys. There are 2 chapters that I want to study and use. The compound syrups and infusions. It has good recipes in it. These books are really good as reference materials I like having them as a central source for stuff that is shotgunned through the net. Morgenthaller is awesome so you know you can trust him.
So, I'm teaching a few classes this summer on sake, jazz age/speakeasy cocktails, the "art" of the cocktail, and how to assemble a home bar. They are each two hours long. I'm going to post a lot of my organised notes and thougts here as I complete them. Hopefully, you guys will offer some critique. It might also be useful to browsers. My closest friend/colleague/drinking buddy is moving back home to KC. We are going to sit down one "last" time and create a menu together...
This one? A friend gave it to me last night. About a 2 hour read, If that.
New Posts  All Forums: