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Yelp has an averaging system. This should balance out as a whole. There have been to pretty publicized social media backlashes in Boston. ( & ) I will not spend my money in these establishments. I personally know people that were directly...
No, restaurant people are making the industry more confrontational with yelpers.
I'd rather listen to the discussions of crap between other parties.
We are in a cutting phase, brah
Looks like diageo had a sale on their classic malt selection.Wry Grin1.5 rye0.5 fernet0.75 simple1/3 of a lemon6 mint leavesMuddle, shake and strain over cracked ice, garnish with mint sprigHad a couple of these.
back to meh....
That episode was finally a 100% solid episode.
Du couldn't get his dick wet at sea world
Bob Seger face rapes rush.
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