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John malkovich cut me off in harvard square
Wink and Nod is interesting. I'm pretty good friends with a lot of the guys there, I helped out a lot with the opening crew and mgmt team. They do a new pop up restaurant every 6 months in there. The food is always most excellent. Some very talented chefs have gone through there. The cocktail program is overly ambitious. They have a lot of young kids with out the chops to really execute what they want to do. Good kids and a lot of hunger, but they haven't been equipped...
and a stuffie
I was just in the PRI last weekend. If you can get a place by RISD that overlooks the capital DO IT. The night life scene sucks dick in PRI.Oh yeah, I'm now legally the Chief Marketing Officer of a company.
The only vein around here is you and it resembles the one in my cock you fucking cunt.
Death. Honestly, I'm surprised.
Please do you fucking cunt.
I think you two have very different interests in these issues. I think piob is more interested in how it would play out domestically and Ethan is interested in the ME regional issues.
A homeless person had on whiter socks than me.
MFW reading the last few pages
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