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You're weird.
How's that dry dick of yours feeling?
Yeah, it was pretty fucking clearly a "no". What don't you Internet losers not understand about that word? It's hard to believe, but even I occasionally hear it. Pick your nuts up and walk on.
I see no way this ends poorly.
2 oz cognac 3/4 creme de menthe 3 full plunges of a pistachio tincture Perfect dessert cocktail.
1.5 oz Bacardi 8 (an oaky rum) .75 yellow chartreuse .5 lemon .5 Velvet falernum I don't have a name for it. I serve it in a coupe. I edited it to show velvet falernum not honey.
Yeah, that's gross
The people who care about that can get fucked.
What brutal dictator was ruling Afghanistan?
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