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Kira, you are a waste of internet bandwith.
Switch the Taylor for Rittenhouse. Should change the sweetness.
What was that, bitch?
You didn't have a child you had a man
Piobaire goes to Disney.
Are you 11? Stop posting.
I'm impressed they are able to still pay for things with lire.
I like boodles, especially at its usual price point.
Crushed my 4th and final interview. Did a pro move and called up a big swinging dick for my distributor and told him about my interview. He called all 4 people there to tell them I was the butterscotch boss. I got an email the next day asking me to submit to a background screening and drug test.. #bargamecassiusclay Part of my job will be running the promotion arm of the company. If you have been to a liquor store or bar when the hot chicks are giving out samples that is...
New Posts  All Forums: