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Go fuck yourself.
This sounds cool.
This is a really common question from people starting off. You shouldn't be scared to ask any questions. Once you make simple you'll laugh at how easy it actually is. Anytime I've taught ANY cocktail class I explain what simple is and how to make it. Simple is good to keep around too versus just adding sugar. It will integrate into the cocktail easier and all cocktails need some amount of water and usually the water from simple is a good thing.
Did you kancho them?
Up my nose.
You people have serious mother issues.
Just read this. Lol, so much win.
I'm going to be a shill for a minute here, but fuck it. Next Monday and Tuesday I'm hosting a Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey event at Pourhouse and McCabe's on Mass. We are going to be drinking, for free, 3 different expressions of Tully. If you guys are interested send me a PM and I'll get you the info.
Yeah, but if you know the door guy, it doesn't matter.
WTF, why are you suggesting Somerville? IF you want a place to play games go to State Park. At least the food and drinks are better there. IF you want to do nerdy cocktails go to Drink or Hawthorne.
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