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Shut the fuck up, nerd.
Because he is a "badass"
Agricole daiquiris are really really great. I normally slam a daquiri in 5 minutes. Those make me sip a little more.
Like vets?
So, my friends tried to start a gofundme page for the arresting officer in the Sandra Bland case, Brian. The website took down the page, they didn't want to take sides or bad press.
You're weird.
How's that dry dick of yours feeling?
Yeah, it was pretty fucking clearly a "no". What don't you Internet losers not understand about that word? It's hard to believe, but even I occasionally hear it. Pick your nuts up and walk on.
I see no way this ends poorly.
2 oz cognac 3/4 creme de menthe 3 full plunges of a pistachio tincture Perfect dessert cocktail.
New Posts  All Forums: