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I really do not like the whistle pig brand. The price to quality ratio is so fucking out of whack. I also really don't like the intentional misleading of consumers on production. Templeton is pretty bad about this stuff.
Low just like a green chili. At George does excellent fruit/veggie distillations.
YW, bitches.
I took a full week off. I've also changed the way I drink considerably. I was drinking to get drunk, and I was drinking a lot. I could put down a whole bottle while at work. I'm drinking again to learn. I'm drinking to taste. I'm drinking for me and not to just get blasted.
I made oleo sachrum on Sunday using orange peels. Really tasty stuff. I've been using it as the sweetner for old fashions.
Super hot? Mhmm...
^ not a fan, especially at its price point in the US
i love it.
You go grocery shopping for apples and oranges?
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