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The guy from pretty things strikes me as a bitch. Whining about accounts and suppliers have been doing this for decades. You know the unwritten rules for the game. If you don't like them don't get in the fucking game. If an account wants to be beholdent to 3rd parties that's there perogitave to do so. I wouldn't want my lines bought off. The brands that have the cash are also the brands that sell a TON of beer. The dude is just mad that his sales force sucks.
Not that I've paid for lines, that would be illegal, $500 per line per year is the standard. Everything is for sale. Wine lists and cocktail lists included. Distributors also throw down cash too.
I've talked about pay to play on here before. Here is an esquire article on it. http://www.esquire.com/_mobile/blogs/food-for-men/beer-bribery?src=spr_FBPAGE&spr_id=1456_99024373
Tullamore Dew Phoenix is an Irish whiskey finished in Sherry casks.
Balvenie 12 or 17 double wood.
Kyle's too busy selling 50 cases of mike's hard lemonade to rural package stores in Indiana.
Fuck it. I'm on a mobile and can't embed easily. That's s 45 minute video on rum as a category.
Can you please take down this picture of me.
Sooooooo you guys remember how one of my new job functions is recruiting and staffing events with promo models? I've started receiving emails. Their resumes include all measurements, height, weight, and pictures. Yes, pictures.
New Posts  All Forums: