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I've taken to throwing one of those coiled-wire balls people use for workout shakes in my tin when making egg white cocktails. Still shake for the same amount of time with great froth. Shave talk: I really like Fortaleza it tastesoke a strawberry plucked form the ground that is still earthy. Herradura is a really nicely prices tequila as well. Fidencio is a superb mescal that isn't outrageously expensive. I tasted the bottle pictured below and loved it. It's expensive,...
It's blended with mixing in mind.
Ive posted 10 times in 3 months what are you talking about?
I got laid a lot.
So the arresting officer in the sandra bland case is a very close friend of mine. We were roommates in college.
Yeah, no unaged spirit is really worth that kinda money.
Cocktails are beneath me. I can blind taste about any cocktail and get all ingredients.
Thank you for showing us mediocre food, but leaving out the "spectacular" view. Maybe you can leave this post in any of the other threads on stye forum that would be more receptive to your fantastic lifestyle shots.
Indians, Asians, Germans, blacks, then Latins worst tippers in that order. Most pains in the asses: Indian women, Latin men, Latin women, Indian guys, Asians, blacks, then Germans. It's really funny to me how people abroad gripe about Americans beingbterrible guests in their country. Holy fuck have I wanted to choke out so many foreigners. They show a complete lack of understanding of American customs. I think Americans are probably more crass, but I have seen some...
New Posts  All Forums: