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Your date with greenfrog was a success.
It was really poorly edited. The orgeat thing drove me fucking nuts. Did I post this? http://bostonapothecary.com/
I think there are much more delictae gins out there than citadeolle. fuck it Im drunk. America makes the best balanced gins
I think the flavor profile is limiting. Plus, I don't like the overly floral nose and taste. Im really sensitive to floral scents. I know that's personal. I'm just a big beleiver in the versatility of London dry.
Its like a margarita except minus out the cointreau and add club soda.
I get paid way too much money to do as much manual labor and deliveries.
Yeah, that's how it was served to me. It was dynamite. I think it would be either a complete success or failure in a Vieuxe Carre
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