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It's a cognac cocktail you Philistine
Quinaquina is a subcategory of vermouth. Just like curracao is a subcategory of triple sec. Edit: quinaquina is the plant I think. Quina is the class of fortified wines with quinine added, like cochi Americano
Did wonders for me.
Sherry is good You barrel aged a trident? I can see oak going well with aquavit and cynar.
The trident sounds nice. Sherry is popular right now.
Byyrh is a vermouth, so it will spoil quickly. I'd use cochi and byyrh over any regular vermouth. I think it retails for like $25. $17 is really cheap. (Good deal) Its really big in Boston. In surprised it isn't that common in NYC. Cynar is a very easy drinking amaro.
Pfft, I do both.
FWIW, places that make their own juice use the large presses. However, they cut their lime wedges with a knife and not the large industrial press cutters.
Titty baby
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