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FWIW, places that make their own juice use the large presses. However, they cut their lime wedges with a knife and not the large industrial press cutters.
Titty baby
. There's your shoe circle
60 Chicken McNuggets Yanna and Donna My nipples were touched a lot....like a lot a lot..... Like more than they ever have been. This emo kid at the cage fights tried to pick a fight with us. He was 5'6, pudgy, pasty, and at one point was beating himself in the chest while watching the fight. We took two champagne glasses I think I grabbed a buncha dude's junk Some people smoked a J in the street No hangover What sort of asshole parents name their kids Yanna and Donna
Is he on his way?
Damn it, trolled by neo again.
I'm 27, cunt.
Biscotti and I are going to an MMA fight in Dorchester this Saturday
Piobaire ruined ce
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