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Yuh betta check yuh self be four yuh reck yuh self, 'cause shotgun bullets are bad for your health.
And yes I realize the minimum aging requirement for scotch is 3 years.
I've had two full weekends off since I started the new gig. I've been putting in some serious fucking hours. This is the first gig in 4 years that I've had the day after thanksgiving off. I also have a half day today. I needed the breather. I'm getting drunk as hell right now. Will probably drink scotch that's older than kwilk's pubes.
Have we already forgotten about Johnny Football?
Jameis will finally be able to have all the stone crab legs a man can carry.
You're an idiot
Your mom's butt is a 25 billion dollar a year businesa
Go fuck yourself.
This sounds cool.
This is a really common question from people starting off. You shouldn't be scared to ask any questions. Once you make simple you'll laugh at how easy it actually is. Anytime I've taught ANY cocktail class I explain what simple is and how to make it. Simple is good to keep around too versus just adding sugar. It will integrate into the cocktail easier and all cocktails need some amount of water and usually the water from simple is a good thing.
New Posts  All Forums: