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Yeah, I'm not sure if that is international or US. That is $'s and not 9L case eq's.
Yes, yes, and thanks. I learned an interesting fact. 70% of case$'s come from scotch. I was really surprised by the disparity in sales between scotch and all other distillates.
An underclassmen in college lost his finger while doing pull-ups in high school.My mom also had her middle finger and ring finger degloved while loading a horse into a trailer.
I must agree with this 100%
I see you caught Fokitis
You're wrong
I made a joke once or twice about how many of our products you use. I hope to work with those guys. They are heavily invested in montelobos and ancho reyes. I've gotten drunk with those guys before, they bummed smokes off me all night.
I encourage you all to drink these: Plus Montelobos Mezcal, Lillet, Ancho Reyes Liquer, Art in the Age, Hudson products, and Monkey Shoulder. In 6 months I encourage you to drink Drambuie as well.
BooooHoooo Titty Baby
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