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I just realized the 3 longest relationships I've had all 3 of them had a parent pass away before they were 20. Shit.
You people wanting to wife, smh.
Beer summit
Can my name be changed to Jody High roller or bar-game Warren Moon. Thank you in advance.
I have discovered Riff Raff. I an in love with this character.
Riding around on the back of a motor scooter all over Nola. My mustache game is on point.
I saw some nerdy looking dude in a suit at my terminal with glasses. Nice shoes, I threw an orange Julius on them. Sorry, lawyerdad.
I think there is a bar in london doing this. I think I posted a link to them like a year ago. No citrus and no ice. Can't remember.
Airfare and hotel are free too brah
Birthday was last Thursday. At brick and mortar shirts off, nipa out, and tats blasting. No hangover because I drank 3 bottles of pedialite. Moving on to the 3rd round interview at a company. Fly out to Nola for tales of the cocktail. Next week is Miami for work. Buhbuhballin
New Posts  All Forums: