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The People's Champ has returned!
Yeah, would've saved me divorce costs.
I don't know of any good spiced gins on the market. That's part of it. Rum has been relegated to a lesser spirit category until relatively recently. No one has invested in a good spiced rum. I think you can create a market with the right flavor profile. Gin is also incredibly versatile.
Those spreadsheets won't fill themselves out.
I think that is correct. I think sweetness comes from wood sugars and a larger amount of heads present in a spirit. Ignoring the base of the spirit production b
Urban Cryer.
A lot of the home barrel aging companies offer some stuff to this. I also have no interest in doing a product that is heavy in direct consumer sales.
I don't think it's RS I do believe it's added sugar. I think adding sugar is common for spiced rums. You can serve them here in cordial licensed accounts. I could really see a subtly spiced rum garnering some market share.
Shots fired.
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