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When in reference to your mom, yes,
Cause you know me, baby.
I just realized the 3 longest relationships I've had all 3 of them had a parent pass away before they were 20. Shit.
You people wanting to wife, smh.
Beer summit
Can my name be changed to Jody High roller or bar-game Warren Moon. Thank you in advance.
I have discovered Riff Raff. I an in love with this character.
Riding around on the back of a motor scooter all over Nola. My mustache game is on point.
I saw some nerdy looking dude in a suit at my terminal with glasses. Nice shoes, I threw an orange Julius on them. Sorry, lawyerdad.
I think there is a bar in london doing this. I think I posted a link to them like a year ago. No citrus and no ice. Can't remember.
New Posts  All Forums: