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Took me a second
He's in Atlanta right now.Go to Mother's Ruin. Not far from there. It's my favorite neighborhood bar in NYC. Kinda dumpy. They do fernet sponsored tiki night there once a week. Really solid cocktails. Nothing life changing, but it is cheap. I've always had a lot of fun there. In fact white/asian and I hung out there once.
I fucking hate music reviews on NPR.
Asian quota is already filled.
Fear not friends site monetization has its advantages.
I guess it never posted. I'm pretty much exclusively posting from mobile. Could be part of it.
OGForgives is a turd.
I grabbed the or orgeat recipe imbibe. I haven't tinkered with it.
I told the douche in the thread titled "mein Kampf" to shut up and my post is deleted. Are you fucking kidding?
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