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That sucks gf.
Bacardi is a fine enough white rum.
Are you a man?
If you ain't drinking Smith & Cross. You're wrong.
I don't really see rum happening at least for awhile. There are some very good market forces on its side. Sugar cane and molases are cheap, labor is cheap, the climate allows for a faster barrel and spirit interaction than whiskeys. However, I haven't seen very goof marketing or a way to pitch run as a premium product. Tequila used the 100% bkur agave as a mark of quality. I'm not sure what rum can do.
I don't whine.
There is a big push for "craft" agave products and rum. You can get some aspects of terroir out of these. They have great stories as well. At least for rum some of these islands were colonized for the sole purpose of sugar cane production.
You know what Ernest Hemingway loved the taste of? That's right, shotguns.
Hungout with the owner of Montelobos mezcal and Ancho Reyes liqueur.
I didn't wear shorts in Texas.
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