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I think there are much more delictae gins out there than citadeolle. fuck it Im drunk. America makes the best balanced gins
I think the flavor profile is limiting. Plus, I don't like the overly floral nose and taste. Im really sensitive to floral scents. I know that's personal. I'm just a big beleiver in the versatility of London dry.
Its like a margarita except minus out the cointreau and add club soda.
I get paid way too much money to do as much manual labor and deliveries.
Yeah, that's how it was served to me. It was dynamite. I think it would be either a complete success or failure in a Vieuxe Carre
So last night I had a bomb ass Spanish vermouth. Vermouth Perucchi. This is has really cool applications, doesnt look to be expensive either.
I brown out a lot. I also have a really bad memory, so I'm not quite sure if that is a big part of it. I can get blackout with no major physical signs of being that drunk. I've ran into people I've met while black out and not had any clue I've met them before. For a week it happened 2-3 times. I thought my friends were playing a big elaborate joke on me. No, I was just that drunk.
I'd like to weigh in on the drinking issue.
Why don't you name it after the drink it is.
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