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That moment when every decent thread in DT has a new post, awesome. You click on them only to discover the horror that Lasbar has made the only new post on them.
Hey, go fuck yourself.
I think there is a link between economic prosperity and body preference. Poor people like them bigger.
The cowboys were boaned on a few non-calls too. Our guy was face masked as well that play.
very sweet price
It was a lot of things I didn't enjoy. Rieslings, beer, and apfelwein could be in my near future. I have a TON of respect for that family. They make really great thing, period.
I like that. Improving the cocktail onion is a noble and easy process. Look at the basics and improve.
Hah, a friends that works for Beekshire distillery posted it.In 2015 I'm no longer working for William Grant. I'm going to be working on my own brokerage firm for a bit. If it pans out cool, if not I'm back to the grind.
Haha, I posted this on FB an hour after you posted it here. I was going to accuse you of jock riding. It appears it was the other way around.
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