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Fuck it. I'm on a mobile and can't embed easily. That's s 45 minute video on rum as a category.
Can you please take down this picture of me.
Sooooooo you guys remember how one of my new job functions is recruiting and staffing events with promo models? I've started receiving emails. Their resumes include all measurements, height, weight, and pictures. Yes, pictures.
Casa dragones takes an ages tequila and filters out the color. I think it's a marketing thing. People that would pay $200 a bottle for are familiar with patron and like clear tequila.My company picked up flor de Cana. I'm excited about it.Last night we had the Balvenie brand ambassadors in town for a large scale event. Cool dudes. We poured 12 yr double wood and single barrel, The 14 Cc, 15 yr single barrel sherry cask, 21 port, and 17 double wood. They bring along a...
This guy is a friend of mine. Lives here in Boston.
They are rolling out their "Boss Hog" product. I think they are actually producing it in Vermont.
I'm killing the social media game.
It really is gorgeous G
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