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My house.
While many of those details do fit me, it is not.
Anyone tried adding phosphoric acid to the OJ based cocktails?
Just got into a pretty fucking bad wreck. Looks like all 3 cars involved are totaled. 2 guys in front went to the hospital. I think I'm all good. The first van was at a stop in the middle lane (my lane) dude rear ends him. I see impact serve right and so does his truck. I hit his passenger door and engine comparent. He wasn't wearing a seatbelt. Was unconscious for like 5-10 minutes. That's my first accident in over a decade. The last one was a minor fender bender.
The majority of the dudes cat calling are minorities. That isn't talked about.
Oh snap!
People have also been known to do product drops. It's pretty customary for a new line to have a BOGO attached on the first keg plus x number of kegs free after you buy y amount. A 1 on 5 deal seems to be standard. If someone is giving a 1 on 3 out I know someone has their nuts in a vice. ***ive never done any of these things****
The guy from pretty things strikes me as a bitch. Whining about accounts and suppliers have been doing this for decades. You know the unwritten rules for the game. If you don't like them don't get in the fucking game. If an account wants to be beholdent to 3rd parties that's there perogitave to do so. I wouldn't want my lines bought off. The brands that have the cash are also the brands that sell a TON of beer. The dude is just mad that his sales force sucks.
Not that I've paid for lines, that would be illegal, $500 per line per year is the standard. Everything is for sale. Wine lists and cocktail lists included. Distributors also throw down cash too.
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