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I've had a few inverted cocktails. They are fun. I really doubt you're gonna stump the dudes at AB. It was their 1 year anniversary Saturday.
That's a very non SF oriented ad.
It goes with the 2033 tag. I think its one of the better campaigns out there.
Police those garnishes
Its on every cocktail list of note in Boston, and some not.
^ do you enjoy being wrong? That's at deserthmmm I don't think byrrh has any brand ambassadors. I'm not interested in a job like that. Eventual compensation is less than the path I'm down.
I'm annoyed by your questions.
Meh, I've puked, shit, and pissed blood before.
I threw up a good deal of blood last night. I think my lifestyle is catching up to me. I'm not going to drink for a week, this is will be the first time since I was 16. I'm going to eat regularly and healthy during this time. No smoking as well. If this doesn't make things better I'll go to the docs.
New Posts  All Forums: