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I haven't been too active for awhile. I'd rather drink Sherry than a vermouth.I can't believe you've drank that many bottles! We've got very different drinking habits it would seem. At home I drank viuex carres, sour variations, or highballs (Paloma's or scotch and ginger ale).
It's really tasty, almost too good for mixing. I'd rather drink four liters of other fortified wines. I found a dope new applejack. Arkansas Black Straight Applejack. Stuff kicks the shit outta lairds OP, which isn't even bonded anymore. I'm not sure what the retail price is, but we are getting it at $28 a 750 on a two case drop. I think it should be around $35 retail. We've got it in a cocktail called the Arkansas rose; applejack, lemon, allspice, grenadine, served in a...
Yeah, but you have 4 liters of vermouth.....
You ordered 4 liters of gran lusso? Why?
^ you're an intellectually lacking gas bag. Fuuma loves to be provocative and to offend. You don't know your audience.
I just helped my girlfriend open a bar. We were unsure about working together, and if it would ruin our relationship. Still not decided yet. We put this cocktail on our list: The End of Us 1 oz sloe gin 1 oz Campari 1 oz Fino Sherry Collins Glass Ice Tonic water (shitty tonic is best, the tougher carbonation and sweetness brightens it back up) Grapefruit zest It's bitter, sweet.
No you are completely wrong on both points.
This is ridiculous
Viacomte 8. I've been drinking a lot of cognac and French whiskey.
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