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1836 1.5 Bourbon .75 lemon .5 Old Monk .5 creme de cacao .25 simple Shake Strain Coupe Orange zest
Get wine on tap instead of beer./non helpful SF asshole answer. Gotham project is a big producer. Not sure about retail purchase of the kegs. Maybe, make nice nice with one of your buyers. I don't have any experience with home kegerators. I would imagine durability shouldn't be an issue with you. You're not gonna have some ape throwing kegs in and out all day long. Why do you want a 5L and not "normal" mini fridge sized one? You can fit 2-3 5G logs into a mini...
Oleo sacchrum
Highest had been one of the most honest and up front about not distilling. All the other jabronis not so much. Highest is owned by constellation now, I think. That's where I think all the new buzz is coming from I think the HW and compass box is the most apt comparison.
That cloudiness reminds me of the way a anisette will louche up when chilled and diluted
Insight, not really. However, you can make drinks that are incredibly palatable to a wide range of drinkers. Especially since the martini is such an odd cocktail. I don't think there is anything that people ingest that is so specified as the martini. People treat the drink like a build your own sand which.You can pick up any random bottle of base spirit vermouth that you've never tasted and have a starting point for making a cocktail. I find using the ratios as a very,...
I do 3:1 as a rule of thumb for all base spirit/vermouth drinks. Just like I start at a 2/.75/.75 ratio for my sour variants.
Oh man! I always heard it was 29, I think Ive been over stirring!!!!
That's a clever trick! Thanks for sharing. What's the craziest thing that happened while you were working?
That sounds amazing!!
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