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I just helped my girlfriend open a bar. We were unsure about working together, and if it would ruin our relationship. Still not decided yet. We put this cocktail on our list: The End of Us 1 oz sloe gin 1 oz Campari 1 oz Fino Sherry Collins Glass Ice Tonic water (shitty tonic is best, the tougher carbonation and sweetness brightens it back up) Grapefruit zest It's bitter, sweet.
No you are completely wrong on both points.
This is ridiculous
Viacomte 8. I've been drinking a lot of cognac and French whiskey.
I really do not like the whistle pig brand. The price to quality ratio is so fucking out of whack. I also really don't like the intentional misleading of consumers on production. Templeton is pretty bad about this stuff.
Low just like a green chili. At George does excellent fruit/veggie distillations.
YW, bitches.
I took a full week off. I've also changed the way I drink considerably. I was drinking to get drunk, and I was drinking a lot. I could put down a whole bottle while at work. I'm drinking again to learn. I'm drinking to taste. I'm drinking for me and not to just get blasted.
I made oleo sachrum on Sunday using orange peels. Really tasty stuff. I've been using it as the sweetner for old fashions.
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