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Any issues with wear/fading for those who own EG NYCO ripstop clothes? I have an FW15 navy NYCO coat, and there's a bit of white spots/fading on the edges of the sleeves. Not sure if that's normal.
Yeah, it looks great. If you ever want to trade, shoot me a PM!
Lots of great stuff on the last page. Also agree that the reversible coat is awesome. Got a red floral in small. Anybody want to exchange their blue floral for mine ?
Engineered Garments Gray Herringbone Bedford from F/W 2013. In excellent condition, just too big for me. Measurements are as follows: p2p - 22" sleeve - 26" length - 28''. Let me know if you have any questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by eightdouble yeah, i agree. which is why i phrased it as such... but the product name is duffle plain. i like that it has some hybrid qualities. i tried to get orvis to order one in store so i could check it out, but they couldn't get one. i don't wanna order all the way from the UK to decide if i like it or not. You can order one here if you're in the US
Quote: Originally Posted by bmf895 Lands End sells a boys version for $99. So if you were going to order a small, grab a boys XL instead. You'll save a ton of $$$ and it will probably fit more to your liking. It's tough living in a country full of fatties. So until clothing companies acknowledge that not every American male sweats cheeseburger grease, shopping in the kids section may be our best alternative. I was going to jump on this...
Has anyone tried on the expedition parka? Still trying to find a good heavy winter coat.
I think it looks fine, maybe too long. Then again, I'm not a fan of the huge padded shoulders + sized down 3 Sterlingwear torso fits I see in this thread.
I think the large looks good, better than the medium in all aspects.
Shoulders: 18” Pit to Pit: 20” Length (base of collar to bottom of back): 28.5” Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 24” Up for sale is a WWM Upland Charcoal Herringbone Jacket. The elbow pads have been removed, and the sleeves shortened by 2'' by a tailor (with none to let out, as far as I can tell). As hard as I've tried to make it work, it's just a touch too big for me. Tried on indoors a few times, out maybe twice. I'll start it at $325 shipped, but give me your best offer if...
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