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As promised, photos of my new C59:
Thanks!The Masi is a bit of a mongrel - I could fit either fenders and 28mm tires or no fenders and 35mm tires. I'll probably drop down to 28s over the winter and add fenders.My Colnago EPS has also been written off with a minor crack, and replaced with a black C59 and the same groupset etc. I'll post photos when I have some.
The current stable:
Ah. That makes it a lot harder.
  No comment.
Sad news:Via Murray Crane.
I have only bought an off-the-rack suit from RJB, and it was a standard Rembrandt model. I've been pretty impressed by their customer service though. Ronald made me a shirt for my graduation, but it arrived a day after the ceremony, so he made me a second shirt free by way of apology. I've never dealt with Preston and Maurice, but Brendon has been posting in this thread and, as he says above, works out of their premises but isn't part of their business. I expect...
They are profoundly ugly and visually offensive. I want a pair. Almost.
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