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I don't think they carry it anymore. Anyone know about a similar jacket? Thanks
Hi, Where can I get this jacket or something similar? Any good alternatives? I know it's from H&M. Thanks
Hi!Time to get a new haircut. My hair quickly gets very thick. I've been wanting to get something a little more "tidy".I really like Ryan Goslings haircut in Crazy Stupid Love. How do you think it would look on me?I want it, but I'm not sure how it would look :\ [[SPOILER]] This is more or less how I look now. [[SPOILER]] I have about the same hairline as this guy I think: [[SPOILER]] Other suggestions are appreciated as well!Thanks!
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Quote: Originally Posted by bach i'm exactly your height and 36" is pretty good for stacking. you're probably looking at the wrong type of jeans though... raw jeans, which are what you need, are generally really long and have 1 inseam length... it's up to the buyer to get it hemmed if they so desire. at your height, 34 inches will just be a standard/ no stacking whatsoever fit. Thats the answer I was looking for! Im going with 36" ...
38? =O Im having problems finding 36! =P
Hi! Im 6' 3" and I wonder what size I should get for some stacking. The pair of jeans im wearing right now says 32/34 on the label, but I measured the inseam and it seems like its 32. How come? =p I dont know if I should get 34 or 36?
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