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Thanks for the update.
Apologies if I've missed something but what has happened to the RTW Thomas brogue? Last I saw was an EG sample that came and went some time ago.
Yep, if there's enough interest i'll jump in on this one as well
Church's Royal collection (not a match after all)...
IIRC Church's 'Royals' had the three larger brass pins along the dove tail but I can't recall if they also had a double row of pins around the heel edges.
All I can tell you is I don't find there is any noticeable difference in fit. I'm not sure I would expect anything else given they're still made on the same last.
Apologies for the poor lighting but I hope this adequately illustrates the differences. Both are EG Berkeley, same size, same width, same last (888)...
The angle a shoe is pictured can at times be deceptive. An overhead shot is best but the toe caps don't look too long particularly based on the second photo.In the case of the Thomas brogue sample by Green; they will know how they have changed their aesthetic over time and just need to be told to stop fiddling and put things back as they should be I do recall a post some time ago explaining the whole 'new' Chelsea, 'new' Berkeley etc. If memory serves, the 'old' styles...
Great looking shoe! I presume this is what we can expect from the forthcoming F&S RTW Thomas brogue? My only criticism is how in recent years, Edward Green have elongated their top caps. This is evident in their staple oxfords such as Chelsea and Berkley where the shoes I purchased c7-8 years ago do have a slightly shorter toes caps than the same model / style purchased in the last 5 years or so. I assume this is the result of contemporary styling pressures and as a...
PM sent...My previous pair of navy naturcalf adelaides came with a dark brown leather lining (not a great combo) so i'd definitely request something else...a contrast blue lining or a dark red might be worth considering. Just out of interest, did Pepe provide any more info on the medallion i.e. were there several styles to choose from or did you have a particular one in mind?
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