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Yep, if there's enough interest i'll jump in on this one as well
Church's Royal collection (not a match after all)...
IIRC Church's 'Royals' had the three larger brass pins along the dove tail but I can't recall if they also had a double row of pins around the heel edges.
PM sent...My previous pair of navy naturcalf adelaides came with a dark brown leather lining (not a great combo) so i'd definitely request something else...a contrast blue lining or a dark red might be worth considering. Just out of interest, did Pepe provide any more info on the medallion i.e. were there several styles to choose from or did you have a particular one in mind?
Meermin appear to have removed a number of RTW shoes from their website. Unfortunately, no new additions but perhaps these will follow!
Wes, not to deny a fellow Adelaide admirer...I believe they are in this thread some pages back.
I have the navy blue calf Adelaide on the Olfe as per Meermin's online catalogue and it's a nice shoe.
Something like a modified EG Pelham:I used the example above to have the following variation made (with EG):I also thought this EG for RL (model 'Whittier') might be of interest:Whilst I understand the 'normal' inclusion of a heel counter gives visual balance, I think I prefer the cleaner appearance sans heel for an austerity adelaide.
Yep...medium to dark grey trousers with navy or burgundy shoes is a favourite combo of mine.
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