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I've flown with it two or three times. It's a great bag, but I hate walking around airports with the side-pockets full. It becomes really wide, and starts rubbing on my legs unless I hold it far away from my body.
I walked/hiked around Europe this summer with just a pair of ranger mocs + aspen soles, and it was great. The sole helds up to rocks/cobblestone/whatever, and didn't skip a beat. I'll use the same sole when they eventually wear out (at this rate, probably in a year or so).
A similar thing happened to me with a pair of ranger mocs. I somehow broke half the stitch after a couple weeks of wear. I got in touch with Rancourt, they sent me a FedEx shipping label/I sent them out, and two weeks later I had fixed shoes.
I ended up opting for the Large Twill Carry-on instead of the small duffel. I thought it was a better shape for packing:Also check out the Sportsman's Bag:With the side pockets it's kind of wide to walk around an airport with, but the interior shape and side-pockets make it a really versatile bag.
It comes down to what goes better with your style.I have a Saddleback Thin Briefcase that I use every day. I beat it up, and don't worry about it. I especially like it as a travel briefcase. When I originally got it, I found I really disliked all of the metal hardware hanging off of it, so I took a bolt cutter to most of the D-rings and the giant metal O-ring under the handle. I think it looks much better that way.If I wore more suits, I would have gotten something...
You don't get to choose; when I placed my Made To Fit order, I asked about this. I was told that whatever size worked best with MTF was the size I should order from them in any of their shoes. We'll see how that works out.
That looks similar to how my NSTs have broken in. Is your left foot bigger than your right?
To get the extra tight 0400SP fits, you need to orient the twig and berries due north.
What do you normally wear them with? I went this route since all the rest of the cordovan I have is #8. That and lighter shoes seem more casual by default, in my mind.
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