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I posted this in the simple question thread a while back, but no one seemed to have an answer. These shoes were in a post on reddit, but unfortunately, there was no real information on them other than the fact that they "came from Venice and had no brand associated with them." I figured maybe some of the more knowledgeable types on here might be able to identify them, or failing that, recommend leather sneakers with fairly similar characteristics. Don't think I've ever...
Anyone know what shoes the green pants guy in the photo is wearing? This picture is from a reddit thread, and all we've found out about them so far is that they're from Venice. Also interested in pants similar to either the green or red pants, if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thanks!
Hey guys - I'm on a little bit of a break and roaming around Europe at the moment, and I'm looking for a place to get a decent haircut in either Madrid, Paris, or London. I'd really prefer not to spend more than 20 euros, however, as I'm a student. I'm also Asian, so a place that has experience with Asian hair is preferable but not required (for example if there's a good place in Chinatown in London, that would be great.) I'm looking to get a haircut on this trip because...
Quote: Originally Posted by junebugmm How much was it on Gilt? I think it was something like $130 + shipping, but then I had to pay to get it shipped to Denmark, as it didn't arrive before I left for study abroad. This also means that when I ship it out, it'll be from Denmark, so the shipping costs will be higher. I'm basically just trying to recoup my costs.
Hey all, I'm looking to sell a BNWOT (bought it from Gilt with no tag) blue multi-stripe BoO shirt in size S. Pics will be forthcoming. Price is $185 shipped obo. Thanks! Alternatively, I would trade it for a BNWOT/BNWT BoO longsleeve shirt in size XS.
Alright - the first thing you need to do is tell us how much you're willing to spend on buying a few new pairs of jeans, and then we can give you better suggestions.
Quote: Originally Posted by BDC2823 Now you're a real American. Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven I spend 110% of my income on ugly, ill fitting clothings No, NOW he's a real American.
I bought some Brooks Brothers v-neck undershirts a while ago, and they were very slim (this coming from a guy who wears S/XS in BoO). The only thing about them was that the v was cut quite low, but if you like that, then they're perfect.
Unfortunately for you, you JUST missed out on those identical shoes on sale at Gilt Groupe's Band of Outsiders sale for $68 instead of the $195 retail: However, just be patient and they should come around again. Other than that, I'd just look around at stores that carry BoO...various higher end stores, and some department stores like Barney's.
The other three have absolutely terrible fit...especially the last guy with his dinner jackets and whatnot - his shirts especially are horrendous. The sad part is, in the magazine feature where it says "to achieve this look, buy..." for that guy, the magazine's recommended clothing was probably actually NICER than what he was really wearing. And by the way - everyone's said it, but congratulations Foof! This makes me want to try for this someday when I actually have a...
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