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Looks like 9 and 11.5 in the clearance section for $200. Made in the US - maybe Alden?
Quote: Originally Posted by fashion_newbie I like these - what is sizing like? Is the color pretty accurate? color is a touch lighter. sizing seems true. I wear an 7.5 or 8US but I opted for 7UK and they fit perfectly. pretty good return policy too. so far, i am very pleased with them. not certain they're made in england, but quality seems good. bought these when i missed out on the trl deal.
I opened this expecting a strip of sock material sewn onto the lower sleeve.
I have a variety of tree styles. The funny thing is that on some of my shoes that are narrower through the toe box (i.e. AE Thayer) , I find my cheap Johnston and Murphy's do a better job. They're the ones with a claw back and a spongy triangular, single-piece toe. My split toes trees don't fill as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by MiloX Whereas a grenadine knit dresses up quite nicely, though. I was under the impression that grenadine was an open weave, not a knit. But if I understand correctly, the point was that different textures add interest. To that point, I wholly agree.
I like these. Got them since I've been on a modest budget:!25104
are they suede? they look the brooks loafers on clearance.
i've been quoted around 75 dollars. but, all the tailors in my little town are absolute shite. so, i have no idea if that's good.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo Meaning you'd put them below or above Bostonian and Florsheim? Above.
^^ I agree that they are definitely European in style. It's hard for me to compare them to AE though. My AE's are heavier, Goodyear-welted, and seem like they'll last forever with resoling and proper maintenance. And they're styled more conservatively. On the other hand, my Magnanni's are lighter, either Blake- or Bologna-constructed, and are styled more modernly. I do not expect them to last beyond a few years. But they are comfortable as hell. That said, I bought each...
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