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Quote: Originally Posted by thedamnscott I'm rather like-minded. I wear 'em more than anything else and they do not fail me. do you wear um with socks? I'm curious.
Hi, I just bought a pair of H&M Sliq jeans. I want to know if they are raw or not. There look like the ones in this picture: They came with a tag that says: "There are Two lessons you should learn about newborn jeans: 1. Dark denim might make a white sofa blue. 2. You can expect 5% shrinkage." Alright so they a little bit long on the inseam (maybe 2" too long). I was wondering what would be the best way to "shrink" these jeans. And should I wash these regularly? ...
I think there should be a thread devoted to tailoring/alterations. Anyway.... how much would tapering a pair of jeans generally cost? Oh, and feel free to post some before and after pics of different alteration jobs to educate the public.
I have already shrunken 501XX that have excess material just below the bum/top of thighs. I also think the rise a bit high. How would I go about fixing this? Is there an tailor option that shorten rise (from the crotch), tighten thighs, and reduce butt fabric? Anyone know what needs to be done?
My jeans are too loose in the seat. Would most local tailors be able to shorten the rise from the crotch areaon rigid jeans? Or will I have to look for a super tailor of some sort?
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW I have owned and worn both sorts. The Rigid Tumbled 514s are a bit nicer colour pre-wash, but the raws look better after a few washes when the others have started fading. Also the fit is way better on the red tabs. So, well done! And a very good price! Where was that? how often did you wear them? And how often did you wash them?
I'm not as rich as most of your StyleForumers are, I'm looking to get a one wash pair of Levi's 511. Anyone have any experience with the sizing of 511s? (I'm wondering about stretching with wear, etc)
related question, what is the preferred brand of fish oil capsules? I'm currently on Kirkland signature.
Yes, I often go to the grocery store in my pajamas.
New Posts  All Forums: