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Get yourself a small bag of weed and then try to conceal it from a cop and see what happens. I'm certainly the farthest thing from a pothead but the hysteria over pot in the U.S. baffles me.
Agreed. Waiting to hear all the "bring the old Facebook back" posts soon though.
Correct. The S2000 (As well as the E30 M3 that was mentioned) only comes as a manual transmission.
Quote: Originally Posted by erictheobscure You buy lingerie for your coworker? Who doesn't?
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG Fight Club Yup.
A couple of my friend's wives are teachers (and have the supermom/teacher mentality all in one!) and I find it hilarious when they constantly make spelling and/or grammatical errors.
Quote: Originally Posted by APK I don't fully trust anyone who doesn't like either the movie or the book. One of those rare commentaries on relationships that are applicable to virtually any demographic. I lost interest in a girl many years ago after she told me she couldn't watch more than the opening 10 minutes of the movie. My wife and I have been married for 13 years and together for almost 15. We separated once for a few weeks after she...
I had a 2006 MX-5 (pic to the left) and now have a 2010 MX-5. Mine is a softtop as I don't care for retractible hardtops. I love it. It's great on the track (mine isn't stock) and great on the street. My wife and I have done several long trips in it and during the summer I daily drive it. My son loves it as well, especially when I pick him up from school since all the other kids are being picked up in minivans or SUV's. Having said that, the MX-5 and S2000 are the only...
In no particular order (well, alphabetical) of preference other than they are all motorsport focused. Audi BMW Ferrari Mazda Porsche
I agree. Time to watch White Lightning.
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