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I had the same problem. Incorrect cuffs and collars on 2 shirts. Return shipping to India is on me. I'm unlikely to keep using them. Not worth the hassle.
I've done it and have my own practice. Happy to give you any pointers I can.
How were the Hickey Freeman suits? Overpriced?
All the stores in Houston have the "Cube" designation and most are crap. The one across the street from the Galleria has the "Cube" designation list first, so maybe that's the qualifier for an actual better store. The Galleria Marshall's has had some of the best stuff I've ever seen in a Marshall's, but it comes in fits and starts. I have seen Purple & Blue label, Corneliani, etc. I saw and should have bought a purple lable cream silk jacket, but it was too pricey to...
Valhalla Rising. Too bad Withnail & I isn't available to watch instantly. Will have to add to my list
In Houston, Texas (hardly a liberal bastion), I can think of 2 churches that were converted to other uses (one a library and one the best restaurant in town). I've never heard of anyone freaking out about it. The bookstore in the op looks great.
I wonder if any of these folks seeking "authenticity" would join me in the field to kill said animals they like to collect.
I don't think the poster above is correct about "The conversation"
"I like they think there are even 10 movies/year that are Oscar-worthy; they should have reduced the number to 3." Agreed. Should be a floating number every year. Like a hall of fame induction class.
Looks ridiculous. Downey is spectcularly miscast. If one wants to "reboot" the Sherlock Holmes idea for a modern audience, there's plenty in the Canon to work with, cocaine addiction, master of disguise, expert in many arenas of arcana, his travels in could be done while staying within the known boundaries of the character.
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