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Tagged L from Self Edge, purchased in 2008. Measured using Sleeve: 20.5" P2P: 22.5" Shoulder: 19" Back Length: 29.25"
Excellent condition, only flaw is the small hole in the pocket pictured. Measurements using Sleeve: 25 1/4" P2P: 24 1/2"- there is a gusset that kind of gives you extra room if you need it and i measured to the middle of this. Shoulder: 20.5" Back: 26"
Shoes are 8.5/10 condition, from the Puma & Kith collaboration. Italian leather, come with the original box, leather shoe bag, & etc.
Basically deadstock, worn a few times. Selling for a friend. Measured using Waist: 16.5" Thigh: 12" Rise: 10.25" Knee: 8.25" Inseam: 34.5" Leg opening: 7.25"
Washed once. Repairs were made and reinforcements in the crotch. Measurements are made using: Waist: 17.5" Rise: 11" Thigh: 12" Knee: 8" Inseam: 34" Leg Opening: 7.5"
Hot soaked initially to remove shrinkage, nothing since. Measurements using Waist: 18" Rise: 10" Thigh: 12.5" Knee: 8.5" Inseam: 32" Leg opening: 8.25"
Worn only a couple times. Measurements are close to blue owls.
12.5 thigh 35" waist 8.5 knee 8.25 opening 32" inseam comes with hem scraps. chain stitched at blue owl.
Man this is one of those threads I wish had 100 pages...
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