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Thanks guys! New to this forum and I've used the search. But I'll look for that thread. Thanks again!
I also might add that my build is a little bigger than that. But not by much.
Hey. I usually read and post over in the other section about suits and whatnot. I'm looking for a pair of jeans that have a slim/tight fit. But not really a skinny jean. Something along the lines of these photos... I had the 501 shrink to fit in mind. But if you can think of any other options I should explore, that would be great! Thanks! Kyle
Thanks for the response. I might need to take it to the tailor. Also, nice avatar.
My wife is awesome and found a deal on a Burberry suit. But the pants are double pleated. Does anyone know how baggy they might be with the double pleats? Thanks!
Nevermind. I just looked closer at the title and answered my own question.
What would the closest traditional size for the jacket be? 40r or 42r?
they are from the amadeo line. that's all i know.
Ok. They are Testoni. But from a few years ago and are disontinued. =(
I've been told they are Testoni. But I think they are from an older line and are discontinued.
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