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It's may not be the pants, but the fact that you look uncomfortable or self-aware.
^ Don't buy the factory garbage! You'll regret it. Seriously. The quality sucks! Quote: Originally Posted by blackboard_knowledge Smart. I think that it will not appreciate too much further. As not everyone may have an investment banking background, J. Crew going private is most likely a good decision for the company, as it allows them to make significant internal changes, without having to answer to shareholders, who may not be as in tune with their...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Yeah, that's the second photo. May need to rearrange furniture... I think it's the camera angle. The second one is from below my waist level while the first is taken from slightly above it, so it loses my upper body proportions a bit. in other news should have worn my black lace-up boots with a tuck or maybe white hi-tops instead of Chelseas also, fucking chinese gangsters are pussies, need four of them to equal...
Quote: Originally Posted by dave333 The stereotype generally crumbles once you get to the kids of these robo asians.
I don't see a picture for the red t-shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Luftvier has yet to explain why a longer jacket is "better" other than it being "classic/timeless/traditional" or whatever so I'm just going to assume he actually has no idea why he prefers it. Also re Bobo: Did anyone say Listi's fit was better than Luft's? I didn't like Listi's fit haha It looks better on him (I think this is definitely so if you look at his older pictures where he is wearing black...
I think shoreman looks the best.
Did you see my private message?
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