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Why would you buy an orphaned jacket?
I would not go to law school unless it was Yale, Harvard, or Stanford, or I had a family member or friend *guaranteeing* me a job after graduation. Sadly, I am a law student anyways.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat they're not "indifferent". The change took place sometimes in the 80s, when the more hardcore nationalists all left the island for America. What you have now is a bunch of mainlanders preaching unity to a naive newer generation not yet cognizant to the events of the past. ^ And what events of the past should they be cognizant of?
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 Neither is a category to which I belong. If a website is going to make it a hassle for me to read their shit, I can get the information from one of a billion other places on the Internet. Also, that article is kind of "Duh" and very indicative of students that have done no research about alums from their school and the industry in general. The point is that their research may encounter fraudulent data. It is...
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyCrockett Tell me you can get a better pair of shoes for $70 and I won't believe you. Rawhide laces cost $4 from the local cobbler, so I guess the cost was $74 total. Why would anyone ever buy Quoddy? Sadly, I wear the plastic-y mainline instead, as the Signature shoes don't come in E width.
If you feel hopeless, then you are hopeless.
Everything is irrelevant except grades and then school rank.
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