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I now have 3 posters on my ignore list.
Quote: Originally Posted by plooftin i don't know how often this happens to those of you who don't live in new york, or really chic cities, but when i wear something a little more fashiony, ervell or raf or whatever, and i get compliments sometimes followed by people asking if i got it from urban outfitters. People are just trying to make some conversation.
Anyone have experience with this:? v. ?
Quote: Originally Posted by AllAreCommon Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by negusnegas I think that isn't the bottom line at all. They just slimmed the shirt in odd areas. I would say that most people are most concerned about a slim waist when they are looking for slim fit shirts. Brooks rather than tweaking the waist the most, instead trimmed the chest and shoulder the most. Just doesn't make much sense. Many people are concerned with a slim waist, but also many, if not more, like me, are...
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 One pattern I have noticed is that people here are far more likely to be hyper critical of the fit on structured pieces than they are non-structured ones. For example blazers, jackets, and button down shirts are far more likely to receive nit picky criticism than say a t-shirt or pair of sweatpants. Going slightly further with this thought, it would appear many nearly feel there is ONE acceptable fit style for the more...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I would keep the tag. - B +1
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Really does not look that off. Beaufort is an awesome jacket and your price is very reasonable. Agreed. I think he looks great in the jacket and should keep it. But if he must sell, that is a good price.
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb Reasons? Too slim or what? It's more the opposite. The shoulders really bug me the most. I like your peacoat, by the way. I saw it in store and the quality seems really high. It actually feels nice, unlike most peacoats I've seen. I can't help the feeling that the fit is a little off on you, though. It might just be the camera angle. I have a Barney's CO-OP peacoat that I also like the feel and look of,...
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