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What is the non-MTM sizing like?
I got the chamois shirt in navy blue today (they honored the web price + 30%) off. I chose it over comparable options from Lands' End and LL Bean Signature. I like the fit. In fact, I really like the J. Crew *regular* shirt fit. I realize that I prefer that exact cut to slimmer shirts I have from Rugby, Brooks Brothers ESF, Black Fleece, etc. I also picked up the *non* selvedge 501s for $13.99 with sale. The inseam is a longer than the label inseam. So I got a 30...
The fabric on J. Crew and Lands' End polos is noticeably worse than on RL polos.
His views on suede are not accepted here.
I just got the sweatshirt, and it fits very slim. The armholes are quite high.
That houndstooth pocket square is . The one pocket square I ever wear is a white linen Wang.
Resize your pictures. You can do it on Photobucket's edit function.
I like him, and wish the hypocritical Democratic party had supported him in the general election this fall.
Plastic shit.
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