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Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice well into no-shave november coworkers getting suspicious, beard getting itchy only items with brands are geller cardigan, jil shoes Excuse the stupid ass pants, they're the bottom half of a suit I was gonna wear before I realized it was Friday and threw on the cardigan instead.. Perfect.
Quote: Originally Posted by berlin report ... Hair looks amazing.
Brutal. It's on the same level of absurdity as drug arrests in the United States.
Quote: Originally Posted by Meis Got a 20% off coupon but don't think I'm going to use it. $10 paypal'd if anyone wants it...
Quote: Originally Posted by URALLMORONS In store exclusives only. Comes in light grey, light blue and pinkish light red. I will buy one as soon as they go on sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred You have to message them. Barbara will email you back. The website is designed poorly, but it's definitely made to measure. You can also specify things like slimmer sleeves, tighter rib on the hem, etc. It's pretty customizable. Here is the email: info@shetland-knitwear.com Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackmaged Dear Styleforum, I seek your guidance, for I am a mere college student. Please help me become more SF-approved. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Yours truly, BM If you want to wear such plain outfits, you'll have to work out more.
In store today I saw some wonderful dyed oxford (?) shirts in navy and charcoal with tan buttons. They don't appear to be on the website.
Hmm, I'm still not finding the "MTM Link" on the website. Are you just saying that "any details you'd like" means MTM?
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