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I just got the sweatshirt, and it fits very slim. The armholes are quite high.
That houndstooth pocket square is . The one pocket square I ever wear is a white linen Wang.
Resize your pictures. You can do it on Photobucket's edit function.
Plastic shit.
I can't believe some MC posters are so cowardly that they will not take part in the Challenge.
Quote: Originally Posted by bringusingoodale You probably are already and have been laughed at behind your back for not conforming to your Anglo-Saxon heritage, that is, in the eyes of the Orientals () You should embrace your whiteness and dress like some purebred Occidental male, especially if you are teaching English. I'm not sure, but I have heard they eat this shtick up over there. Wear the tweed in grey and brown, start wearing finely tailored...
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Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast I think this a point worth repeating. Not because I have any complaints about the challenge but just to broaden understanding between MC and SW&D, because it's an interesting cultural difference. The concept of what some (not all, admittedly) in MC might wear in casual situations that require some degree of style (eg. going out to a bar with friends, going out for dinner, etc, etc) varies a lot from SW&D. For...
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