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Quote: Originally Posted by unknowinglyforgotten what looks good with a jean jacket? besides jeans of a similar wear/fading, what else? I think they can look good with exposed-seam khakis.
Your friend is probably an ignoramus who calls it a "button collar."
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 totally agree. i have argued the one man/one voat approach a lot. if you know how to dress, you know how to dress - you dont need to win a competition or get pity voats from a competition to validate that you know how to dress. lol @ me being mad. hardly my man - hardly. i read the entire post. the poster (forgot who) praised his scarf, pipe etc ... but also mentioned his whips. what has his whips got to do...
I think less of a store if the sales associates appear displeased when I do not buy anything after trying on several items.
Does it not fit Orientals?
^ Looks superb. My 38R '70s issue peacoat arrived today from The 32 oz Kersey wool feels great, and the fit IS trim (the armholes are high), but what is bugging me is the padding on the shoulders. I'm on the fence on whether to keep or not. I feel that on coats, if the shoulders are padded, they need to be slightly narrower. The top silhouette is a little too boxy for my taste. I might post a silhouette later for critique. I am not sure a 36R or 37R...
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice well into no-shave november coworkers getting suspicious, beard getting itchy only items with brands are geller cardigan, jil shoes Excuse the stupid ass pants, they're the bottom half of a suit I was gonna wear before I realized it was Friday and threw on the cardigan instead.. Perfect.
Quote: Originally Posted by berlin report ... Hair looks amazing.
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