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People are being nice. Many aren't professional sellers, but are just passing on some great stuff to people who love clothes. I hope you can understand that.
That Polo SC is .
I think it depends on the product. The sweatshirt I have is extremely slim for a medium. It's about on par with Rugby, and definitely slimmer than J. Crew.
I think people would just be slobs forever, then. I think progress on each front helps motivate you on the other front.
Unbuttoned: Buttoned: 38R '70s issue peacoat. Thoughts on fit?
Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Miles Gloriosus This thread screams body image issues. +1. He looks fairly normal.
Quote: Originally Posted by dunelly so uhh i'm about 5'8" 120lbs 34 chest 28 wait can I get that vietnam pea coat or not? You are being very rude and demanding to someone who is helping you for no personal gain.
Everyone who wears larger sizes than me is obese, and everyone who wears smaller sizes than me is starving.
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