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Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo come on, how can their be disussion on who looks best in a jacket and wine pants - listi or luftvier? The latters jacket might be a bit too wide and on the conservative side, but none of listis clothes work together and/or fit. Looks like he went blindfolded into a weekday store (or hot topic in the us maybe). This isnt about being age appropriate. Synthese looks very youthful, but always well put together. super...
Quote: Originally Posted by VictorC Is that a 38 regular? It looks a lot smaller. And why wouldnt you want to keep it? Looks fine to me. Yup, as Peacoat wrote in his article, military issue peacoats fit true to size, unlike civilian peacoats (especially those made by Sterlingwear), which tend to be much larger.
^ Thanks. I'm keeping it. I just needed a little objective feedback. I totally get you on the growing into it thing!
It's unbuttoned in the first picture. What do you think about the shoulders specifically?
Sorry to repeat myself, but I'm wondering if everyone think I should keep or return my vintage issue peacoat (pictures in last post in thread page before this). I need to either rip off the tags and throw away the box or not. \t
Quote: Originally Posted by SLeiber32 Any recommendations for a really slim fitting peacoat, $250ish or under and not Sterlingwear or J. Crew? I have tried both of those brands and they are cut far too boxy for my liking. I need something with a really modern and slim fit as I'm 5'10" and only 125lbs. It's almost December and I'm going to be freezing my ass off here pretty soon without some proper outerwear so a huge thanks to anyone who can help me...
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