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^ Good summary. What's even worse is that government hiring (both state and fed) sucks these days, and document review is quickly being outsourced, so the low-end is being squeezed at least as hard as the high end. These days, it's not only being sad at having a low-paying job, but having no job at all, which is the issue. By the way, what does happen to engineers with <3.3? Unemployment? I know two with poor undergraduate grades and no graduate degree who are in decent...
Thank you both for your excellent replies. This could become a great thread/k.
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It seems like the traditional non-technical career avenues (journalism, publishing, law, accounting, teaching) for a young person have largely dried up. What is the future outlook for the following? (mostly on ease of getting a position) Engineering Finance (assuming you are NOT at an elite business school) Military (how hard is it to get in these days? both enlisting and ocs) Medicine Nursing Other HealthCare Alternative Medicine Farming IT (get a...
T14 does not mean what it used to, unless you are the actual *top* of the class (Top 1/3-20%). And way more people think they will be at the top than can actually do it. Or you could have a guaranteed job after graduation through a connection (I have a friend with poor grades who got a decent job this way), but if that were true, T14 is really irrelevant anyways.
^ That is creepy.
Why would you buy an orphaned jacket?
I would not go to law school unless it was Yale, Harvard, or Stanford, or I had a family member or friend *guaranteeing* me a job after graduation. Sadly, I am a law student anyways.
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