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I'll take the 38R BB 181 Fitzgerald in charcoal.
Do these run big or small?
I'm looking for either AE McAllister or To Boot NewYork Grahm in walnut/cognac respectively. If you have these shoes in 9.5-10 please let me know, thanks.
I have a RLBL Solid Navy Linen Suit in 38R. It has been tailored but never worn. If there is interest I will post pics/measurements. Thanks
no, OP.
Didn't you say that you had a 38R? Or was that someone else?
Price Drop:$299
I got this watch 7 years ago as a graduation present. I kept telling myself I was going to wear it, but I never did because I am not a watch person. I'm asking $325 shipped OBO. Thanks
PM sent
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