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Bump to say I bought one. It has a few bunnies on it, but not that many.
Lately I've been listening to this over and over again, making some changes in the mix, and repeating the process. But it's finally done. Now I look forward to listening to something else with a different singer over and over again, making some changes in the mix...
Also, sometimes long is equal to the chest measurement and short is equal to a quarter of the chest measurement. So 27 is a bigger size than 100, but shorter. Fun, huh?
I've only had elephant boots, but based on what the skin on those is like a jacket does sound impractical. How easy was it to, say, bend your arms at the elbows?
This is very good advice, but I would do black instead of midnight blue. Whenever you end up in a group of people all wearing tuxes, all of theirs are almost certain to be black. I'm also in Eastern Europe like the OP, tuxes here are much rarer than in English-speaking countries but I've never seen a midnight blue one. If you do midnight blue, you'll stick out and that's not the point of wearing a tux.
You want something that will not stick out when you're playing in an ensemble with a few other people. That means get a very "standard" single-breasted black tuxedo, white tux shirt, black bowtie, black shoes. That will work for recitals, accompanying singers, piano trios, orchestras, playing in a hotel bar...
Sure, it can be done. A lot of the more modern styles don't have pointy toes or underslung heels, which also makes them look less obviously cowboy. They also tend to have square toes, though...
Ah, OK, so it's not like horse races in that regard. Thanks.
So... what should one wear to a camel race?
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