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well, i'm still waiting for the "Style Forum" club tie I ordered in November 2006. i'm thinking holding my breath was a bad idea.
I wear them when the mood strikes. The collection of blue ones above are amazing. Definitely will check out the site.
I have a pink shirt that was made for me in Italy about six years ago. I've worn it so much the (french) cuffs are about to fall off. I usually wear it with a grey suit and a predominantly red tie. It never fails to get compliments. I rue the day it falls off my body and I have to get another one.
Hey NR, that YouTube vid was too funny. holler at me
Quote: Originally Posted by Carlo Last ones now in, if you have not oredered one yet there are PLENTY more and they are shipping now. By request, we got a few bowties made up (8), first come, first served on those - just shoot me an email! Damn. Didn't occur to me to think about bow ties. I think I would've preferred that. Oh well, that will make wearing the long one more of a challenge.
Just ordered one. Going to be a hoot when we start recognizing them on the street. Don't have a clue what to wear it with, but I'll experiment.
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 The latter, white tie with black vest and dj. And that's what I thought--it just didn't jive in my head. But I thought I would ask (and that I could look at it at least and decided if I looked like an ass). b I'm pretty sure the only time it works is at official/diplomatic events at the Vatican. Funny, I spent two years there as a dip and I never thought to ask why the white tie and black vest,...
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