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+1 I have a beautiful pocket square from his collection and am eagerly eyeing some links. Great service and great detail.
never heard of, but i have dealt with prestige time. i'm happy i did. great, fast service. shipped the product i wanted at the price listed. would do it again in a heart beat.
i think they run big. i have a small foot and the smallest size i could find in the black jadwin's i own was a half size larger than what i normally where. i needed to send a search party in to find my foot at the end of the evening. lovely shoes, though.
+1 Reversos are sweet.
I have a quick question: How, or with what, would one wear John Lobb's Belvoir boots? I have been looking at them, but I can't figure out what to wear them with besides, maybe jeans. To recap: the Belvoir's are the high length boots. I've seen women wear them successfully with jeans tucked behind the boot. Is this look exclusively for women, or can it go either way? thanks,
i think the suit looks pretty good. totally agree about the linen and warm weather thing. you should be as roomy and comfortable as possible. good job. d
my black Santoni double monks (can't remember the name) have gotten the most comments re: my shoes, ever. i've worn them to work, paired them with jeans, and worn them with a pair of paisley cords and they've always gotten compliments. i second the comment on shined shoes. i get lots of notice on the fact that my shoes look cared for.
I routinely wear suspenders (braces) without a jacket, both in and outside the office. Go for it. You'll be surprised at the compliments you'll receive.
So this is my brand spanking new Sun/Moon. I absolutely love it.
nice watch, that one. i'm a huge jlc fan. just sprung for a sun/moon and am thrilled.
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