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KObalto: thanks. unfortunately, they're only available in E width. i made the mistake of ordering them in E and it was a disaster. way too wide. definitely need D, and they are not to be found. tragedy.
and another vote for the Mora. can't believe they discontinued it. if anyone knows where i can get a pair size 6.5D i'd be much obliged.
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 OK, how the f*ck does a monogram make a piece of clothing appear better? Usually when I see one, I think "damn, poor guy should not have eaten at that Italian place after all" until he gets closer and I see that they are initials. You are right though, it is absolutely a matter of personal preference. However, you might go back and read the OP. He was asking for opinions. He got them. here's your...
before some of the more reasoned comments appeared, i was a little dismayed. monograms are not very much different from the beautiful pocket squares from kent wang. they are window dressing to help make a piece of clothing appear better. it's not functional and doesn't have to be. wtf?!? a guy wants a monogram on his shirt and that's a big deal? now, a tatoo on one's backside might be worth serious commentary, but a monogram? on a shirt? please. i like...
i got nothing but love for kent wang. i have three pocket squares and am eyeing more.
i do it all the time, too. particularly with an odd jacket and jeans for a casual night out. the 'links are often a topic of conversation, which helps since my jackets are pretty much crap
you have to give them credit for spelling lothario and philanderer correctly. at least someone knows how to use a dictionary
i like the throw back sweaters. the rest i can do without. the size chart makes me laugh and i'm a pretty small guy.
Quote: Originally Posted by ethandesu As a tailor that loves and wears slim and soft Neapolitan styled suits, I have puzzled over the Alden fit issue for a while. I own three pairs of Shell 8's, and my favourite are the Norwegian Split Toe. Worn like the italians do, with slim trousers cut short enough to just fall on the shoe and no further, with or without a nice big cuff, I think they have great charm. I came to Aldens after years of wearing C&J's,...
his look totally works. love the color combos and the shoes rock.
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