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Quote: Originally Posted by GQhustler I just dropped off my cashmere overcoat yesterday to have the exact same thing done. It was mid shin length coat, and I am having my tailor shorten it to just above the knee. It's costing me $55 if you were curious. I will let you know the results. GQH: that would be great. before and after pics would be helpful, too. thanks so much.
Another question: My overcoat is waaaay too long. Ankle length to be exact. I, too, have been toying with the idea of getting it tailored, but have hesitated. Can it be shortened and if so, what's the suggested amount. It's a beautiful cashmere winter overcoat. My camera broke this summer so no pics yet, but I'm working on it. thanks,
Quote: Originally Posted by Panzeraxe II IWC Ingenieur JLC Reverso with a metal band +1 for both. outstanding watches.
I bought from prestigetime.com and got a pretty good deal on a JLC.
http://www.johnlobbltd.co.uk/catalog...ridingboot.htm i would if i thought i could get away with it. i've been jonesing for those JL riding boots for a couple of years now.
Brown, por supuesto.
you'll get very little love on this board for that look. i asked a similar question re: john lobb boots and was told, in pretty much no uncertain terms, no. i feel your pain. i'm still lusting after the lobbs.
I'm a U.S. diplomat in western Europe. Our uniform is jacket and tie, but I see many stylish dressers and lots of personality going into making the uniform one's own. In fact, I'd have to say I've learned at lot from my European counterparts (but not as much as from this MB.)
i bought my JLC sun and moon over the internet from Prestigetime.com. Worked very well and i got a great price. I'm not the trusting kind either
whoa nellie! those two "dot" ties are sweet. sign me up.
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