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Quote: Originally Posted by black_nostaljack Good Sunday to you all fellow gents. More of my rookie work. Pics from the last few months or so.. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] love the summer looks! man, i miss summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by someotherstyle ...Birdseye beautiful suit and tie. well done.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rada It's raining and gloomy in Korea today. Wore the new DB to a friend's going away party this afternoon. Then I'll be filling in for a friend on rhythms late tonight. Lord, it's been a while...gave the LP a tune up and fresh strings. We'll see how she does. Rada -- awesome DB look on the left. absolutely fantastic. the Les Paul suits you as well. great post.
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 Gyan says hi .... nii, man, that's just wrong:-) good game though. both teams played their hearts out. good luck against uruguay.
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 So rollin' into work today ... Stopped for a lil' parkin lot pimpin' ... Got to the office ... and as i was taking my usual office shot: BAM!! This lady sneaks up behind me and says "there are donuts in the break room: And i shamelessly follow her to the said donuts: niidawg: that is hilarious. big smile. the whole series works for me and that last pic is killer!
i received two ties today. they look nicer than the picture, actually. glad the drama (at least for me) is over.
Quote: Originally Posted by Styk33 I have a package at the post office from CF. I will pick it up on Saturday and report back. i received a note from Jill (followed by USPS confirmation) that the ties i selected as compensation for the order I made awhile ago is on the way. i'll report on what i get, but at the moment it appears they are trying to make good. no additional money has changed hands. we'll see what happens.
he still owes me $100 for the SF Club repp tie i never received.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQhustler Here are some pics of then end results. Unfortunately, I don't have before pics showing the length prior to alteration. Just imagine it being about 8-10 inches above my feet. I am also well aware that my shirt is terribly wrinkled and that the pants are far too long, so save the comments. I put on the first pants/shirt combo I grabbed that would contrast my dark navy jacket. Anyway, I am very happy with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by BABuckeye Which one is "Steve"? man, you wrong!
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