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Immediately after working out shower with a light salicylic acid, something like this. I've had a lot of friends with the same problem, they must shower immediately after the gym/jogging otherwise they start to break out.
Looks better shorter. Maybe keep hair, but cut it shorter and style it.
I was gonna look into these until I roomed with a friend who had them, and he took them off and... well, the smell was unbelievable. Not sure how you deal with that?
Quote: Originally Posted by RyanB How do i get more texture then? What happens if i stop washing my hair? Oils in your hair don't get washed away as easily, and it changes the texture. Idk, I'd talk to a stylist and see if they have any ideas.
lol yea I saw this last week, I thought the funniest part was linking it with Obama.
Quote: Originally Posted by why It was aimed more toward the "3 times a day following a meal" comment. Fish oil is's stored in fat cells...ergo...tiny dosages don't make a difference at all. The same could be accomplished by eating salmon, mackerel, anchovies, etc. on random days or just downing a bunch of fish oil once per week or two. That could actually be a pretty cool way to add muscle -- boost daily caloric intake by downing massive...
Quote: Originally Posted by jaydc7 Eat nothing but steaks and do biceps curls to failure with 10# db's. Yea, ok. "When you lose weight from dieting alone, some of the weight lost comes from lean muscle tissue. Some experts believe that aerobic exercise prevents this reduction in muscle mass. But the facts tell a different story. Several studies show that diet and aerobic exercise both lead to a drop in muscle tissue [10, 15]. Aerobic...
Quote: Originally Posted by turbozed Eating less burns fat a lot better than exercise. Do both. Depends, that works if you don't mind the skinny-fat or anorexic look.
Can't really recommend what to do unless you post a pic. I suggest posting a pic of yourself and post a pic of what look you're trying to go for. In general for men, you should either be "bulking" (putting on muscle/mass) or "cutting" (burning fat) to get your desired look. You can then maintain that or keep going through the bulk/cut cycle to build more mass.
You should be trimming your shaft, balls and starfish every two weeks or so. Do not shave it completely, otherwise it's just extremely uncomfortable. Don't listen to the people who say "lolz shaving is gay!!lol!" those are people who are naturally hairless wonders/Asian. Nobody wants to be hairless, they just don't wanna look like apes. Trust me, if Christian Bale or Brad Pitt had hair all up and down their backs and ass they wouldn't be as popular as they are and...
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