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Running isn't the best option IMO, HIIT is preferable. Running causes you to go catabolic (where your body eats some of its protein/muscle ), lifting is anabolic where its creating muscle. Sprinting also creates anabolic hormones, which is why a lot of bodybuilders prefer HIIT vs jogging or running. I also just don't like long distance running because of the stress it puts on my joints, but that's just me.
It's because this popular and has a lot of connections. The server can't handle them all so you get timed out. Webmaster just has to get a better/upgraded server. This only really happens to me during peak hours (8pm pst?).
Crisis averted.
Which jeans would you guys recommend with GT boots?
.5 and add layers to the top would be fine, but do cut it shorter (but not too much).
What's the appeal? Why not just use 24hr or LA Fitness? I guess if you have that kind of money, and go constantly. Personally, I use my office gym for free Works pretty well, but I wish they had a dip machine, and preacher machine.
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung I've gained 20 pounds of muscle in the last two years and I think I've only gone up maybe a half size... Doubt that, it's very difficult to gain more than 5 lbs of muscle in a year. (Unless you had very little to begin with)
This girl does it for me. http://www.youtube.com/user/MichellePhan
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