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What is this piece called?
Wings + Horns Melton Wool Varsity Jacket Size Medium Navy Blue/Brown variant.
I just wish I could wear more outerwear, too bad I live in sunny OC
What's up with the sizing, man... I'm usually a 10.5. So I ordered a 10 off Amazon, cause I heard they run big. Too big. Then 9.5. Still too big. Now a 9, and I still feel I could get a 8.5 since they feel loose but I'm not sure. When laced can you just pull them off?
The thing I never understood about a Bidget is how do you dry yourself? When I used one I used a wad of toilet paper, which seemed wasteful to me. I will admit anytime I get explosive, burning diarrhea I kind of wish I had one. Also my rich aunt had one, and at some party a kid took a crap in it. Many luls followed.
I get acne on and off, and when it's on its really bad. I get it on my chest, back, shoulders and face. I thought I was cured around 8 months ago, but then it flared up again. When it was gone, I was on keto doing a cut (really clean diet of fat/protein and under 30g carbs). When it flared up, I was doing a bulk with a refeed (CKD). Sure enough, every morning after the carb load I would break out. I would just carb load with refined carbs, since it works best. Well,...
Why does J Crew's website suck so bad for Google Chrome. /rage
First step may to actually have some hair. Grow it out, duh.
Quote: Originally Posted by rustyshack Cut it short and gel it but don't put it in a fauxhawk. just kind of mess it up a little bit like this guy. A lot of that hair is in result of genetics, and a bunch of layered product (also he has highlights). Also probably some photoshop. Not really a realistic example. Just get your haircut at a good place, say "messy" (they will "layer" it, use some special scissors which cut ends at different...
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