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Wings + Horns Melton Wool Varsity Jacket Size Medium Navy Blue/Brown variant.
I just wish I could wear more outerwear, too bad I live in sunny OC
What's up with the sizing, man... I'm usually a 10.5. So I ordered a 10 off Amazon, cause I heard they run big. Too big. Then 9.5. Still too big. Now a 9, and I still feel I could get a 8.5 since they feel loose but I'm not sure. When laced can you just pull them off?
The thing I never understood about a Bidget is how do you dry yourself? When I used one I used a wad of toilet paper, which seemed wasteful to me. I will admit anytime I get explosive, burning diarrhea I kind of wish I had one. Also my rich aunt had one, and at some party a kid took a crap in it. Many luls followed.
I get acne on and off, and when it's on its really bad. I get it on my chest, back, shoulders and face. I thought I was cured around 8 months ago, but then it flared up again. When it was gone, I was on keto doing a cut (really clean diet of fat/protein and under 30g carbs). When it flared up, I was doing a bulk with a refeed (CKD). Sure enough, every morning after the carb load I would break out. I would just carb load with refined carbs, since it works best. Well,...
Why does J Crew's website suck so bad for Google Chrome. /rage
First step may to actually have some hair. Grow it out, duh.
Quote: Originally Posted by rustyshack Cut it short and gel it but don't put it in a fauxhawk. just kind of mess it up a little bit like this guy. A lot of that hair is in result of genetics, and a bunch of layered product (also he has highlights). Also probably some photoshop. Not really a realistic example. Just get your haircut at a good place, say "messy" (they will "layer" it, use some special scissors which cut ends at different...
Running isn't the best option IMO, HIIT is preferable. Running causes you to go catabolic (where your body eats some of its protein/muscle ), lifting is anabolic where its creating muscle. Sprinting also creates anabolic hormones, which is why a lot of bodybuilders prefer HIIT vs jogging or running. I also just don't like long distance running because of the stress it puts on my joints, but that's just me.
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