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Really? The Versace stuff sold out instantly around here.
I eat something quick after, I don't leave the campus/office.
You tried using American Crew Pomade? Just run a little bit less than a dime size through your hair and it will give it that shine. You could also try Or try using a leave in conditioner.
I've seen it both ways. At my job most of the guys are out of shape, socially awkward, dress atrociously, and have awful eating habits. Whereas I'm kinda attractive, dress well, don't eat junk food, and work out. During lunch they all go out and eat pizza or burgers, while I go to the gym. I just don't fit in well.
Trust me, I'm pretty much the expert at Acne at this point. I eventually did Accutane because I went through everything you could think of. Here's what I'd recommend: 1. Low carb diet. Reduce sugar intake. Something Paleo esque. 2. Exercise. Use this body wash anytime you sweat more than normal. 2. Try to reduce your stress. I would take a hot shower for longer than normal before bed. 3. Before bed, put BP 2.5% on any troubled spots. Make sure you use a white pillow...
Too hard without seeing a picture of yourself. Just block out your eyes or something if you're worried about someone IRL seeing you on here.
Why do you want that haircut, exactly? It's so basic. You just taper the sides and leave the top around 3" or so. It will only work if you have the same type of cow licks as Ashton does. Post a pic of your hair.
Can anyone ID these boots?
What is this piece called?
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