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Where are you guys getting these Svenssons?
I got some W+H from the American Rag in LA, but it was 50% not 70% and it was already pretty slim picking. Really wanted those Navajo shorts, but I needed a 29 and all they had was a 30
I haven't gotten any tracking yet
Anyone know any stores in SoCal/LA area that have W+H denim?
Where's the best place to kop some westpoints? (US)
Yea, I totally agree with that. In my experience those barbers are just Supercuts with "free" beer.
Does he shave your unibrow? You should never do that... just pluck with tweezers.
Welp who got $15 for the tardy order
Only thing I'd change is I like to fade the side burns. Its a little tricky to do, I just use a trimmer on 2" then swipe it quickly whenever I shave my stubble (every 1-2 days). Example:
So I got my V-Neck yesterday (along with the Weekender), but the shirt (size S) seems too long. Anyone else have this problem? I'm 155 5"9.5
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