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WOOT, got tracking #.
Baller review Synth. Btw, didn't you used to have blond hair? Or is brown your natural color?
Ugh, I really want this sweater: Should I just call them? It's not on their website.
I have the black/black suede hi-tops, no complaints.
Looking for something similar to this: Any ideas?
What's the ETA for the rest of the cutoff orders? Still haven't got mine yet. /cry
Idk nothing is wrong with that haircut imo.
New fall colors.... no v-necks?
You should blow dry it after you put in product. Put it on low and on hot. Imo it fuses the product with the hair and creates more a hold. You'll notice most good stylists in salons/shoots do this.
Nice, but too much product imo. Use something more matte.
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